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Presenting A Strong Immigration Appeal Case

Last updated on May 31, 2023

When an individual does not agree with the court’s ruling, it might be possible to appeal this decision. Based on the facts of the case and the legal knowledge of your attorney, you have a chance at getting the original decision changed. To learn more about the appeals process as it relates to your immigration case, schedule a free case evaluation at our firm.

At Bartell, Georgalas & Juarez, L.P.A. Co., our Ohio immigration appeals lawyer has extensive experience providing quality representation to clients facing complex situations. If you have received an unfavorable ruling by an immigration judge during your removal proceeding, it is wise to contact a skilled lawyer as soon as possible. When a case is appealed, it is evaluated based on the strength of written briefs. The experience and legal knowledge of your attorney are directly related to the persuasiveness of the brief to be presented.

Board Of Immigration Appeal

After preparing a written brief tailored specifically to your situation, we will submit it to the Board of Immigration Appeal (BIA). The BIA will review the earlier court’s decision and evaluate our written arguments. Based on your situation and the effectiveness of our briefs, the BIA might affirm, reverse or remand a judge’s decision. Through prompt and honest communication, we will ensure that you are updated on the status of your case from start to finish.

Our appellate experience is not only limited to the BIA. It is not uncommon for an appeal to make it all the way to the U.S. Court of Appeals. If you need representation before the BIA, circuit court or court of appeals, do not hesitate to contact our firm.

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