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What Is White Collar Crime?

The term “white collar” crime usually refers to a crime committed by an otherwise respectable person or corporation, and it does not involve violence or a physical act. Nonetheless, conviction of a white collar crime can result in substantial prison time and devastating financial penalties.

The attorneys of Bartell, Georgalas & Juarez, L.P.A. Co., practice criminal defense in Cleveland, Ohio, representing white collar defendants throughout the state of Ohio. Contact this firm immediately to protect your rights. A free initial consultation is provided by calling today.

Experienced Representation For White Collar Crimes

Our attorneys are equipped to handle all types of white collar crimes, including:

  • Embezzlement
  • Fraud (e.g., consumer fraud, contractor fraud)
  • Identity theft and credit card fraud
  • Tax evasion and tax fraud
  • Money laundering and racketeering
  • Insider trading and other securities fraud
  • Bribery and illegal “kickbacks”
  • Counterfeiting
  • Internet crimes
  • Environmental violations

When these crimes involve crossing of state lines (including by phone or internet), they may trigger federal charges in addition to, or in lieu of, state charges. Our attorneys practice in both the state and federal courts of Ohio and serves clients in Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Akron and Canton, as well as nationwide.

Penalties For White Collar Fraud

As felony charges, sentencing guidelines may call for one year or more in prison. Other penalties can include fines, forfeiture of assets, home detention and costs of prosecution. In all, a white collar conviction can leave the person in complete financial ruin.

If you are facing these serious charges, contact a white collar crime defense lawyer at Bartell Georgalas & Juarez The criminal and immigration law firm will represent you at each stage of the criminal proceedings and work hard to get your life back while there is still time. We can meet with you discreetly in the privacy of your own home, in jail or at our Cleveland office.

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