Strategic and Aggressive Criminal Defense And Immigration Representation

Zealous Defense For Felonies And Other Serious Crimes

Felonies are serious crimes with serious penalties, including imprisonment for more than one year, substantial fines, or both. If you or a family member has been charged with a felony, Bartell Georgalas & Juarez, is well-qualified to defend you and protect your constitutional rights. The firm is based in Cleveland and represents clients statewide. Contact an Ohio immigration lawyer, day or night, for a free initial consultation.

Experienced Felony Defense

Bartell Georgalas & Juarez, has handled all types of felony charges, including:

  • Murder, attempted murder and manslaughter
  • Sexual assault, attempted rape and other sex crimes, including sex offender registration violations
  • Drug crimes (possession, distribution, or manufacture of cocaine, marijuana, crack, meth, heroin and other controlled substances)
  • Aggravated robbery
  • Carjacking
  • Burglary
  • Felonious assault
  • Domestic assault and battery
  • Arson
  • Weapons crimes
  • White collar crimes (fraud, embezzlement, tax fraud)

Death Penalty In Ohio

You should know that if you have been charged with a serious felony such as murder in Ohio, you could face the death penalty. According to the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, there are currently 204 inmates on death row who are awaiting execution. Other felonies may carry several years in prison or even life imprisonment.

Many felonies have minimum sentencing guidelines that give judges and prosecutors little leeway to negotiate. Our attorneys are familiar with all federal and state charges, as well as the tendencies of many of the prosecutors and judges who may hear your case. We will explain and defend your rights, discuss the facts of your case, and advise you on a legal strategy to fight the charges in court or plea bargain to a lesser charge or alternative punishment.

Our attorneys will stand by you throughout your case and attempt to achieve the best possible outcome against these serious charges. Do not hesitate to learn more about what we can do on your behalf, whether you reside in Ohio, Florida, North Carolina or anywhere else in the U.S.

Service For Clients In Cincinnati, Cleveland And The Surrounding Cities

Not a U.S. citizen? A conviction of a felony offense can trigger deportation proceedings for immigrants. Bartell, Georgalas & Juarez, L.P.A. Co., stands ready to defend anyone against serious criminal charges. Call216-710-6700 today or email us today for a free consultation.

Our Cleveland-based law firm proudly serves clients in Columbus, Cincinnati, Canton and statewide. It also provides nationwide representation for immigration cases and can make appearances at the U.S. embassies in foreign countries on behalf of its clients.