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Family-Based Immigration In Ohio

Immigration Representation In Cincinnati

There are many reasons why individuals may want to come to the United States, employment, better living situation and many others. One very common cause of immigration is to reunite with family. There are special visas available for this purpose and these situations have the highest priority in citizenship immigration scenarios. If you are a foreign national and you have family in the U.S., or vice versa, you may greatly benefit from the legal assistance of our firm.

Reuniting family is of the highest immigration priority to the U.S. Government. If you wish to bring your family to the United States then there is excessive documentation that will need to be prepared, as well as other processes to take place. At Bartell Georgalas & Juarez, we offer skilled legal assistance throughout this process so that you may focus on your everyday life. Our Cleveland immigration attorney can handle the paperwork as much as possible and you can continue with your affairs.

Seeking An Immigrant Visa For A Family Member?

This process involves sponsoring your spouse or loved one to come to the United States. You will be required to prove that you have enough income and assets to support them. The USCIS must first approve your immigrant visa petition, and then you must prove that you have the necessary income to support your loved one. If both of these processes are successful then your loved one may be able to apply for an immigrant visa and continue the process to becoming a lawful permanent resident.

There are essentially two categories for family-based immigration, limited and unlimited. Unlimited immigration is available to the immediate family of a U.S. citizen. This includes the spouse and unmarried or widowed children, under 21, of a U.S. citizen. Other family members are divided by preference, and there are a limited number of immigrant visas assigned to these individuals on a yearly basis.

Necessary Legal Advocacy In Cleveland

Without legal assistance on your side, the process can become extremely difficult and confusing. It is important that you speak with an Ohio immigration attorney from our firm as soon as possible to obtain legal assistance and begin the process of reuniting with your family.

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