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If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges or immigration issues, our Ohio offices are here to provide dedicated legal assistance.

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Strong Immigration Services With Detailed Visa Advocacy

Going through the immigration process is very complicated, and it is hard to know where to start. Our skilled attorneys will listen to your situation and provide you with options that will help you pursue your goals. If you are facing threats of deportation, we will advocate for your ability to stay in the United States under a legal status.

As a part of our legal firm’s complete immigration advocacy, we can provide trusted guidance and support to help you apply for a visa that enables you to live and work in America. We can assist with applying for any type of green card or permanent resident card.

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Thoroughly Exploring Your Options For Criminal Defense

Our attorneys exercise the same standard of care and diligence when defending clients against criminal charges. We will review your case, discuss your strategy and litigate your case aggressively for the most favorable outcome.

We understand the severity of a “guilty” verdict in Ohio. You could serve prison time, pay a costly fine, lose your license, etc. Regardless, if you are facing penalties for DUI, drug violations, assault or other white collar crimes, we can provide skilled and experienced legal counsel to guide you during this difficult time.

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